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PART 1 (2 resources) Remember for public education as well as when educating ou

PART 1 (2 resources)
for public education as well as when educating our individual patients, we
should consider the VARK assignment from the
Family Centered Health Promotion
course- and integrate various forms of teaching/learning such as visual,
auditory, reading/writing, and
kinesthetic methods. Do you consider these
learning preferences when conducting patient teaching?
PART 2 (2 resouces)
I think of SDOH as external things that affect our
well-being. This can simply include where we live, worship, play, work, learn,
and grow.
These things can build us up, or tear us down, so to speak. As
these determinants make up our living conditions, they can beneficial to us,
be detrimental to our well-being. Detrimental SDOH are also known as health
disparities. As nurses, it should be easy for us to understand
how living
conditions can contribute to illness (think back to Nightingale’s time and the
Environmental Theory).
World Health Organization social justice focus is that health is a human right
that requires “access to timely, acceptable, and affordable
health care of
appropriate quality as well as to providing for the underlying determinants of
health, such as safe and portable water, sanitation,
food, housing,
health-related information and education, and gender equality” (WHO,
Do you agree with the
WHO’s social justice focus regarding health? Please explain.

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