Part 1   Please review the link below to further analyze the Eligibility process

Part 1
Please review the link below to further analyze the Eligibility process

Part 1
Please review the link below to further analyze the Eligibility process when determining if a student is eligible for special education services.   
Eligibility Process
In addition, below is an example of an Eligibility Meeting for a student being considered for Specific Learning Disability (SLD). The Eligibility team discussed the student’s multi-tiered approach and data collection (including a psychological) used as a comprehensive evaluation to determine if the student was eligible for Special Education services. Please review link below.

IEP Team/Process
If a child has been determined eligible for Special Education services, he/she will be provided with an Individual Education Plan Team who will develop his/her Individual Education Plan (IEP). From the date that the parent signs the consent to evaluate the student, the IEP team has 60 calendar days to determine eligibility, develop and implement an IEP. The function of and IEP is to allow him/her to gain access to education in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) when given appropriate accommodations/modifications according to his/her individual needs. Please review the provided link below to further analyze the IEP team and process.
Please Review Link Below: 
Individual Education Plan Team  (Pg. 59-61)
Below is a Sample (blank) copy and Quick Guide of an IEP plan/form. It may look slightly different than plans you have seen, but the components/sections of this sample are the same.  
Please Review Links Below: 
Components/Sections of an IEP Blank Review 
Components/Sections of an IEP-Quick Guide 
Discussion Questions:
Please review the supportive links. Thoroughly answer the initial Discussion questions below by Thursday 11:59pm using details and citing evidence from the links, when necessary. Then, respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s answer with supporting and insightful comments/questions by Sunday 11:59pm.  
__  1. What are the data sources that are reviewed by the team when assessing a child’s eligibility for special education services?
__  2. At a minimum, who must the IEP team include?
__  3. After viewing the Sample Eligibility meeting video, what are your thoughts on the process? Have you been apart of an Eligibility meeting yet? If so, are there any similarities or differences noticed?
       4.     Does the parent have the right to reschedule an IEP meeting? Name at least 3 ways in which a parent could be involved in the IEP meeting.
 write a roll-out speech for a routine in your classroom in the manner you would present it to your students. Make sure to give clear directions using “economy of language”. Your tone should convey a positive and firm presence. 
 Use the Engineering Efficiency template below to design a classroom routine or procedure. 

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