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Part 1 Choose one of the following and write a 1–2 page report. Discuss the expe

Part 1
Choose one of the following and write a 1–2 page report.
Discuss the expected increase in the elderly population and in what ways society will have to change to meet their needs.
Research human growth hormone (hGH) replacement therapy. Write a report on your findings and state your beliefs regarding the correlation between the replacement therapy and longevity.
Individuals of all ages often say, “I must be getting old.” Explain the circumstances surrounding why you or others say this. Are they valid signs of aging, or are they due to disease or environmental factors.
Part 2
Complete all of the following:
Describe the two major biologic theories of aging. Compare and contrast each theory. Which theory do you agree with? Why?
Using the information in your text, devise a list of factors that affect longevity. Choose one factor that you can relate to and explain how it can affect longevity.
Read the vignette on page 18 and answer the discussion questions.
Complete Activity 1 on page 48
use these sources nothing else
Textbook Readings
Read Introduction and Chapters 1-3 in Ferrini & Ferrini, Health in the later years
Watch Chapter 1–Overview: Our Aging Society (00:00–09:26) from Frontline: Living Old.
Note: The video player includes time markers that break up the different sections of the documentary.
Slide Presentations
Review the following slide presentations as you read the associated chapters:
Chapter 1: Our Nation’s Elders: The Facts
Chapter 2: Biologic Aging Theories and Longevity
Chapter 3: The Body and its Age Changes

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