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PHC6600 RXCC 1225 Details Select a health issue Review at least 3 scholarly arti

PHC6600 RXCC 1225
Select a health issue
Review at least 3 scholarly articles on the selected health issue.
Communicate your research via a scientific poster.
Ensure that the following are included in your poster:
AUDIENCE: The general public, health care professionals, outreach workers, etc.
INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: The rationale/reason for your poster. What is your purpose for sharing this information? What does your audience need to know and why?
METHODS: How did you learn more about this issue? What websites did you research? Did you conduct your research by using certain phrases (ex: pediatric asthma and lead”)? Were surveys conducted? Focus groups? Interviews? Chart reviews? What were the samples? What statistical methods were used?
RESULTS: Describe the results. What does the research say about this selected health issue? Illustrate the results. Tables/graphs are appropriate for this section. Make sure that all tables and graphs are labeled.
DISCUSSION (CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PUBLIC HEATLH):Interpret the results. Does the research conducted tell you everything you want to/need to know about the selected issue? Are there other questions that need to be addressed? What limitations did you encounter? Why is it important to conduct more research?
REFERENCES: Make sure that your references are listed in APA format.
Creating a Scientific Poster.pdf Download Creating a Scientific Poster.pdf
CDC Health Communication Playbook 2018.pdf Download CDC Health Communication Playbook 2018.pdf – PAGES 99-104

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