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Please answer the following interview questions as a healthcare financial analys

Please answer the following interview questions as a healthcare financial analyst who has recently graduated with there MBA in Healthcare Management using the STAR interview method.
STAR= Situation, Task, Action, Results
What characteristics do you have that make you the most qualified person for this position?
If I asked several of your coworkers about your greatest strengths as a team member, what will they tell me?
Tell me about a time you pitched in to help a team member finishing project even though it “wasn’t your job”What was the results?
Tell me about a time when you have to analyze information and make a recommendation. What kind of thought process did you go through? What was your reasoning behind your decision?
Describe a time when you were instrumental in creating or improving a good relationship with another department within your company. How did you build and maintain a relationship?
How would you explain bad news, results or deal with sensitive issues with your customers? Give me a specific example about a time in which you had to deal with a sensitive issue or bad news.
Describe a difficult time you had dealing with an employee or customer. Why was it difficult? How did you handle it? What was the outcome?
Tell me about a time when you adapted the content and delivery of a communication to ensure it would be meaningful to a particular audience.
Sometimes it’s important to disagree with others, particularly a coworker or boss in order to keep a mistake from being me. Tell me about a time when you were willing to disagree with another person in order to build a positive outcome.
Describe a situation in which you independently improved upon the quality of your work process product or service. How did you recognize the need for improvement in the first place?
Think of a time when you work closely with someone who clearly had a different perspective, background, or style than you. Tell me what you did to be able to effectively work with this person despite your differences
People often feel pulled in many directions at once. Describe a time when you prioritize the work and a way that ensure that it customers needs were met, even though you have other important work.
Tell me about a situation when you provide full support for a team decision that you didn’t agree with?
Even though a problem might be an exciting challenge, it is sometimes more effective to learn from others than to try to solve an isolation. Share a problem-solving experience in which you apply lessons you learn from others who encounter similar problems or challenges.
Tell us why you would be a good candidate for this position?

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