please check the attached text and give me your opinion. and corrections. thanks

please check the attached text and give me your opinion. and corrections. thanks

please check the attached text and give me your opinion. and corrections. thanks. oxford style
For my BA studies in law and business under the course “4010 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN LAW AND BUSINESS”I need to prepare a 5 min video. i choose to talk about the Patent Law.
Video on legal topic of your choice
Assessment Overview: For this assessment, you will need to submit to QMPlus a 5 – minute filmed presentation on a legal issue of your choice, which arise from within the topics we have discussed. This will account for 30% of your grade.
Please limit yourself to an area/topic that we have covered within the module such as financial regulation, company law, patents etc. The topic must include a reference to at least one case or a statute that we have come across in our discussions. Please note that this does not mean that you present on a case or a statute but rather that you incorporate a reference to case law or statutory provisions in your discussion on a particular legal issue. Please note that this is not a presentation on the topic but a legal issue.
The aim of this assessment is to further develop your understanding of the legal issues and topics we have covered within the module and build upon skills such as the use of online resources, conducting of legal research and the use of relevant examples.
Further tips on an effective presentation have been provided at lectures and tutorials.
You get to decide the content and structure of your presentation.
 You will need to introduce yourself to start with and have an effective conclusion.
 You can use slides, props, sound effects etc to help you convey your thoughts and arguments.
 Do not exceed the maximum time limit.
 You may want to consider the following questions to help you get started (do not feel obliged to or restricted in any way):
• First narrow your topic:
o What topics have I found most interesting?
o Why have these topics or cases/statutes been interesting to me personally?
• Second: Issues:
o Why is this an important issue both in the context of law and business?
o What case(s)/ statutes are most relevant to this issue (try to focus on landmark and leading cases)
o What are some of the future legal questions that this issue/topic raises?
o What is my opinion on this issue? (explain your answer)
o What would I change about the future of this legal issue and why?

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