Please note that you will be required to submit a research paper, which is due o

Please note that you will be required to submit a research paper, which is due o

Please note that you will be required to submit a research paper, which is due on or before the end of week 7. As you progress through this course, you may find it helpful to start working on your paper prior to Week 7, as time permits. For this reason, the assignment instructions are noted below:
After reviewing the listed topics and course learning objectives, students will select a topic of interest for an 8-10 page research paper, excluding the references, which is supported by current, scholarly research sources.
In week 2, you will be required to post your research topic proposal, which must be approved by the course instructor. Although this task is ungraded, it is required before you start writing your paper. Identify the course learning objective with which your topic aligns, and explain why this topic is of special interest to you. Your course instructor will approve, require additional information, or disapprove of the topic, thereby, requiring resubmission. Please wait for approval before you begin your research. This should be completed by the end of Week 2. The following are the six-course learning objectives on which you can base your topic:
CO1: Examine the organizational structure, role, duties, and responsibilities of the police, courts, and corrections in the administration of justice.
CO2: Differentiate among the various components (police, courts, & corrections) that influence the administration of the criminal justice system.
CO3: Evaluate the use of force and the use of discretion in criminal investigations.
CO4: Assess court administration when addressing sentencing practices, policies, and procedures.
CO5: Analyze the nation’s correctional system and its administration of justice.
CO6: Discuss common ethical issues and concerns by the nation’s criminal justice system.
When writing your research paper, be sure to focus on the aspect of criminal justice that you are addressing from the perspective of the course learning objective with which it is associated. Your personal opinion must be limited and will not be a determining factor in the final grade. Instead, your grade is determined by how well you support your argument by utilizing the materials discussed in this course and the current, scholarly research used to support your views. Critical thinking is essential, so it is imperative that you showcase your critical thinking skills along with your writing skills and lastly, your knowledge and understanding of APA rules of writing.
Direct quotes are not to be used, but instead, paraphrase and cite.
This paper is to be submitted to me as indicated on the Course Schedule and Grading Policy Summary Table. The paper must be in accordance with APA rules of writing (7th edition).
You must submit your research paper to this assignment as a Word document. Other formats will not be accepted. The date of your submission is based on the date you successfully submit your research paper in the correct Word format, which is time-stamped. See the late submission policy for submitting late assignments.
Papers will be graded based on attached the Criminal Justice Formal Written Paper Rubric. It is imperative that you review all announcements to date, all feedback to date, the instructions, and the rubric before submitting the paper for grading.

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