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Please respond to these 2 discussions; 3-4 sentence each for each response= PER

Please respond to these 2 discussions; 3-4 sentence each for each response=
With wide shifts in socio political opinions towards drugs (e.g., legalization of cannabis), I am curious about individual’s willingness to consider substances in treatment for Substance Use Disorder or other psychological issues when they are presented as a drugs versus medication. I expect individuals to display less willingness to integrate substances presented as drugs or psychedelics due their criminalization background. I belief substances presented as medications carry a healing and socially acceptable connotation and therefore, will increase individuals willingness to consider them in treatment. Would the results be more telling if I ask about drug versus medication for each condition (SUD or standard psychotherapy) individually or ask for their preference between drug or medication assisted treatment for each condition?
Likert scale 1-5: (1- not likely to 5- very likely)
1. Would you consider medication (e.g., methadone) assisted treatment for Substance Use Disorder?
2. Would you consider drug counseling (e.g., methadone) in treatment for Substance Use Disorder?
3. Would you consider psychedelic (e.g., ketamine) assisted psychotherapy?
4. Would you consider pharmacological support (e.g., ketamine) in psychotherapy?
would like to know about what drives a person to become addicted to a substance. What happens when they finally decide to get help. Is it a family member, friend that steps in and convinces them to get clean or do they just hit rock bottom. I will talk to people that have been in recovery to answer these questions.
I will ask what was it that made you start using drugs? What drugs did you use? Did you start off with one and end up using a harder substance? What made you decide to get clean and go to rehab? Who helped you along the way? How long have you been clean?
I will talk to some people in person that I know personally. Others I will reach out thru an AA meeting . I will keep their names anonymous.

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