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please respond: Marketing and understanding marketing management are separate th

please respond:
Marketing and understanding marketing management are separate things and is important to understand the differences and similarities between the two. In viewing the course objectives I noticed that understanding how to analyze, assess, construct, evaluate and interpret the challenges in the market will allow me as a manager to understand the importance of the pros and cons of different marketing situations. Some of the risks or challenges that a manager may face is financial loss. For example the Nigerian banking environment had undergone an array of changes from 1952 through 1969. As of now from 1999 until 2012 had implications where they changed their deregulation policies. In order for the bank to meet the challenges of the changes that caused commercial banks to become merchant and merchant banks to become commercial, they needed to employ all marketing efforts and strategy. A marketing manager with the right skills would have been able to recognize and analyze the trending factors in the banking market to possible prevent the shift.
Ezirim, C. B., Amuzie, E. A., & Muoghalu, M. I. (2012). Challenges and Imperatives of Marketing Bank Services in Emerging African Economies: Special Reference to the Nigerian Banking Environment. International Journal of Business, Marketing, & Decision Science, 5(1), 138–149.

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