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Please watch the media vignette on Ryleigh. Pretend you are the school social wo

Please watch the media vignette on Ryleigh. Pretend you are the school social worker working with Ryleigh, who is age 13. After reading her file you learn she lives with her mother and older brother (age 16) in a low income housing complex. Although she is doing “ok” academically, her teachers all report that she is disruptive in class, and sits alone at lunch. After reaching out to her mother, you learn Ryleigh has no contact with her father and her mother reports she has no friends that she knows of, other than a neighbor girl that lives in the same complex, but is two years younger. Her mother also reports that Ryleigh has seemed depressed at home ever since she started working another job (a night shift at a restaurant). Her mother also shares that she is worried that her son, Ryleigh’s brother, is experimenting with drugs and alcohol.
Please address the following questions:
Discuss what may be going on with Ryleigh biologically, psychologically and socially given her age and circumstances? Use at least two theories to back up your ideas.
Do you think Ryleigh is at risk for suicide? Why or why not? How would you assess her risk for suicide if you were the school social worker?
Here is the video:

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