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Please write a short intro (which will be part of a bigger essay) based on the s

Please write a short intro (which will be part of a bigger essay) based on the summary of the articles bellow (or you can also research another one as an extra – would be appreciated)- please focus on the issue of the technical accessibility of NFT art as addressed in the articles. Many thanks.
Into the ether: how a German museum accidentally lost access to two highly valuable NFTs:
One of Germany’s most notable art and media museums, the ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, last year accidentally lost access to two Cryptopunks, the highly valuable NFTs created by LarvaLabs and owned by the likes of Jay-Z, it has emerged.

Algorithm-Generated NFTs Are Quickly Rising in Value. Can Art Blocks Up the Quality?

Algorithm-generated NFTs are quickly rising in value. Can Art Blocks up the quality?:
“The most popular series of NFT collectibles are algorithmically generated,” Dean Kissick, the New York editor of Spike Art Magazine, wrote in a column back in March, when the NFT craze was just exploding. He was describing the algorithm’s claustrophobic effect on culture, and he isn’t alone in his prognostic. There are many critics who claim that algorithms do two things: produce bad art and cheapen culture as a whole.

NFTs Make Their Debut at Art Basel, Where Collectors Are Curious—And a Bit Confused—About the New Art Medium

NFTs make their debut at Art Basel, where collectors are curious—and a bit confused—about the new art medium:
Galerie Nagel Draxler reported strong sales of its NFT offerings, finding workarounds for collectors without crypto wallets.

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