Please write in only active voice and use the attachments for the proper guide a

Please write in only active voice and use the attachments for the proper guide a

Please write in only active voice and use the attachments for the proper guide and directions in addition to what is written below.
Review the principles of Mission Command in ADP 6-0 Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces (JUL 19) and research your selected battle. Write a paper not exceeding six pages analyzing a commander’s performance from the selected historical battle. This analysis will evaluate how effectively the commander executed the mission command principles during the battle. Address at least four of the principles in your analysis and, through research, suggest how the commander’s utilization of those principles (good or bad) ultimately affected the battle’s outcome. Use the provided source and at least two others to support your analysis. Use the format provided in Appendix A. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of mission command and ability to analyze an historical battle effectively.
a. Font: Arial 12 or Times New Roman 12
b. Paper Margins: 1 inch margins on all sides
c. Page Numbers: Located in header, flush right for student papers. For information papers, follow the guidelines for Army information papers (TRADOC Regulation 1-11) provided in the Information Paper Format (appendix A in the information paper assignment).
d. Paragraphs and Sentence Lengths: Paragraphs should contain the information necessary to convey the point. No more. Sentences must be 30 words or less. Style points will be deducted for sentences exceeding the 30-word maximum.
e. Spacing: A single space will be used to separate sentences. Paragraph spacing should be set to 0 before and 0 after with double line spacing.
Using Quotations
As a general rule, use quotations sparingly. Instead, demonstrate you understand the content of your paper by using your own words, paraphrasing or summarizing your research. When you paraphrase or summarize someone else’s work you must cite it. This gives proper credit to the authors and allows you to avoid plagiarizing. Using excessive quotes indicates you do not fully understand the topic.
Sources use two army doctrinal sources and two peer reviewed academic sources.

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