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Postoperative Delirium Patient Profile M.C. is a 74 year old male who has been i

Postoperative Delirium
Patient Profile
M.C. is a 74 year old male who has been in the intensive care unit (ICU) for 3 days after unexpected major abdominal surgery. He is becoming increasingly confused and agitated. Before surgery, he was alert and oriented.
Subjective Data
· States he needs to “get out of here”
· Angry at family members for not “taking me home”
· Family members are very upset about M.C.’s confusion
Objective Data
· Blood pressure 110/70, pulse 98, respirations 20, temperature 97.3 F
· Oxygen saturation 97% on nasal cannula oxygen at 2L
· Abdominal incision healing, no redness or drainage
· Difficulty speaking with decreased short-term memory and recall
· Trying to climb out of bed
· Oriented to person only
· Difficulty focusing attention, and disorganized thinking
Answer the following questions thoroughly in narrative form and cite resources appropriately in APA format.
What type of cognitive impairment does M.C. likely have?
How can this diagnosis be confirmed?
Are there any other issues that you need to consider as possible causes for his mental state?
What is the nurse’s priority regarding M.C.’s mental status?
What is the next priority for the nurse caring for M.C.?
What diagnostic tests may be ordered and what would each contribute?
How will you support M.C.’s family at this time?
Complete the attached CAM worksheet for this patient and discuss the results here

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