PROJECT PART 2 Fire Resistance Instructions *Important Revit Link: https://drive

Fire Resistance Instructions
*Important Revit Link: https://drive

Fire Resistance Instructions
*Important Revit Link:…
There are TWO deliverables for this step of the project, and each is set up as a separate Assignment in Canvas – all deliverables must be submitted for a full grade. Grading is explained in the body of each Assignment. Deliverables need to follow the order in the module, each must be submitted before the next one becomes available.
This project is based on your final project deliverable from DSIT 034. We will spend the rest of the semester re-visiting this project and analyzing and when required improving it to make sure it satisfies the applicable codes. You are only required to modify your designs to achieve compliance, but this often offers an opportunity to improve the design so feel free to make other modifications as we progress.
The goal of the assignment is to determine required fire resistance requirements for all building components of the project and evaluate if the quantity of exterior windows meets all requirements.
11×17 sized drawings executed in Revit, printed to color PDF, and uploaded to Canvas. Drawings should include the project name, your full name, class name, and date. This part of the project builds on Part 1 new requirements will be shown IN ADDITION to the last assignment’s requirements. The information should be laid out on TWO 11 x 17 sheets in Landscape orientation and contain:
First Sheet:
1. Floor plans, scaled to fit on a single 11×17 sheet, each occupancy noted in different color using Area Plan command, required fire-resistance assemblies noted using wide lines of distinct colors and patterns, and color legend identifying different occupancies. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER ANNOTATIONS.
2. A legend explaining what kinds of assemblies different line types identify. The assemblies should be defined by the fire-resistance rating (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) and by type (fire barrier, fire partition, etc.).
3. Project Information listing project address, type of construction, whether the building is sprinklered, occupancy types and description of occupancy separation (and relevant calculations if applicable), list of incidental uses (if any), allowed, and an actual number of stories, allowed and actual building height, building area calculation, allowed and actual area for each floor and total building area, fire rating schedule based on the type of construction defining the rating of all elements indicated in Table 601.
Second Sheet:
1. Exterior elevations (1-4, depending on your project), scaled to fit on a single 11×17 sheet, the extent of openings clearly visible.
2. The allowable and actual extent of exterior openings expressed as a percentage based on Table 705.8. noted next to each exterior elevation.
You have been assigned to a team for this class and should collaborate with your teammates to complete the assignment. Please complete the following steps before the final assignment submission:
1. Incorporate feedback from Project Part 1 – Building Size and Occupancy Separation in your drawings.
2. Read Assignment Instructions.
3. Determine the Fire Separation Distance (FSD) for your building based on the provided site plan. If the FSD is greater than 30 feet you only need to note “greater than 30 feet.”
4. Complete work as indicated under “Execution.”
*Note: Hi, I need your help to revised my current/ incorrect/ incomplete work to make them meet the requirements. I have attached some correct example of how the correct deliverables look like. The correct example using a site/ building which is different than mine, however the content can be done in a similar way. I already attached a drive link to download my site revit file.

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