*Provisional Project Title and the Aims and Objectives of the Proposed Project T

*Provisional Project Title and the Aims and Objectives of the Proposed Project T

*Provisional Project Title and the Aims and Objectives of the Proposed Project This short section needs to be well defined, precise and clearly written. It may well contain phrases such as; ‘an investigation into …’… ; ‘a critical analysis/appraisal of …’. ; ‘to establish/analyse the impact of …’.. ; ‘a comparison between …’. .. The proposed project should have an overall aim, accompanied by a set of objectives, which will describe how that overall aim is to be achieved. (Suggested word count 100 words) *Background and Context of the Issue/Problem You are advised to start with an introductory section which sketches in issues which form the background of the topic/the organisation/ the type of problem. You can then outline the purpose of the study, what you are seeking to investigate, why you are doing the study and why it is worth doing. You need to justify what you are doing. (Suggested word count 500 words) *Summary of Relevant Theory A summary of theory, and key factors arising from theory, relating to the area of the research. It is important that you link different areas of literature/comment showing a consistent thread of logic connecting the different sources you use. This section can include academic, professional and legal sources. (Suggested word count 500 words) *An Outline of how you intend to Investigate the Issue/Problem This section of the proposal should outline of how you intend to investigate the issue/problem. It should be noted that you must only use secondary data for this project; you will not be collecting primary data. You may wish to describe secondary data sources that you intend to use and comment on their relevance to the project. You should also detail your proposed secondary data analysis techniques (calculations, graphs for quantitative data, sources of comparison for qualitative comments). (Suggested word count 300 words) *Proposed Timescale You need a realistic and achievable schedule, which commences with initial research and concludes with submission of the final work based project report. (Suggested word count 100 words) *References You need to include some evidence of preliminary reading for this work based project proposal.

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