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Purpose: This assignment is designed for you to take some time to explore the d

This assignment is designed for you to take some time to explore the different certifications that several professional organizations offer. Obtaining a certification relating to your desired career interest is highly recommended, if not required when applying for jobs. This assignment will help you decide which certification would be most beneficial to you and your career; by exploring these different certifications, you will also get an understanding of the requirements to take the certification exam, as well as the material that you will be tested on.
Thinking back to the job listings you found for Job Listing Assignment, find and research one certification or license that are required/recommended by those employers – or one that you feel will benefit you in that field. (you cannot choose BLS/CPR/AED). In your own words (do not copy & paste), write a very detailed summary that, at a minimum, includes the following:
What a professional with this certification does, works with, and/or what it prepares you for
The requirements and process to sit for the certification or license exam (also include cost)
Overview of the domains and components the exam covers (exam content outline)
**I would highly suggest finding the certification handbook
Keep in mind that this should be written in your own words; DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.
This assignment should be written in paragraph format, do not list things as bullets.
Once you have completed your assignment, you will upload your Microsoft Word document to the “Certification Assignment” on Canvas.
Note: Your assignment must be in a Microsoft Word document to be graded.
Rubric (50 points):
Formatting (10 points):
Double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12pt font
Content, Depth and Grammar (40 points):
Your assignment should include at minimum, the information listed above
Your paper should be written in complete sentences and free of grammatical errors
Note: violation of the Honor Code will result in a “0” for any assignment.

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