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Purpose Reading and writing are some of the best ways to learn and understand ne

Reading and writing are some of the best ways to learn and understand new concepts/ideas. Writing allows you to actively think about and process the numerous new concepts being presented in class. Writing is also a very important skill that gets better with practice. This is why you are asked to create Reflection Journals.
Because a large part of this class focuses on your ability to actively engage with and think critically about the course materials, your Reflection Journal serves as a way for me to assess your comprehension of the readings, lecture and class discussion content shared in class.
Step 1: Select a Theme or Topic
You are to reflect on the course content from the past weeks (from the last Reflection Journal due date) and write a journal response that discusses a theme/topic that you found thought-provoking in some way. You are welcome to discuss more than one theme/topic. Remember that this assignment is called a “Reflection” Journal and not simply a summary of content. This means that you are to review class lectures, discussions and reading material from the previous weeks and pull out theme/topic that you found interesting in some way and reflect on why you found it interesting.
You might want to explore one or more of the following questions. Did anything we covered:
“Strike a chord” with you somehow? Explain.
Make you have a certain feeling? (inspiration, excitement, pride, anger, confusion…) Explain.
Step 2: Make Connections/Critical Thinking
The next step is to think critically/make connections between the selected theme/topic and other ideas or life experiences. This is where you make larger connections and create your own meaning about the theme/topic you selected. For example, you might want to reflect on how this theme/topic is related to another theme/topic we covered in class, or a theme/topic you are discussing in another class, or a personal experience, or person you know that connects with the theme/concept in some way.
Your Reflection Journal post should be a final draft and be virtually free of grammar and spelling errors.
Your Reflection Journal post should be at least one full paragraph in order to receive credit. This paragraph should be at least 5-8 sentences. Of course, the more detail the better and, possibly, the higher grade you will receive.
Please just follow this and the grading rubric I have attached to files. I also attached the reading chapter in files. Thank You

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