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  Read the material in box 4.1 that starts on page 144 in the book Spohn, Cass

Read the material in box 4.1 that starts on page 144 in the book Spohn, Cass

Read the material in box 4.1 that starts on page 144 in the book Spohn, Cassia C. (2008). How Do Judges Decide: The Search for Fairness and Justice in Punishment. Sage Publisher. ISBN: 9781412961042  . Even though these are older cases, the sentencing pattern remains today. Answer the questions at the end of the article. What do you think? Is there a double standard, such that male teachers who have sexual relations with female students are punished more harshly than female teachers who have sexual relations with male students? If so, is this fair? Are there any legitimate reasons for treating the two types of cases differently?
Review this Website: Prisons and jails will separate millions of mothers from their children in 2022Links to an external site.. There is a lot of material presented. Name two facts or informative pieces of data that you think are important for your classmates to be aware of in this Criminal Sentencing class. You may also use the internal links built into the article to learn more and find more data. 
Read the Hannah Overton StoryLinks to an external site. and watch the Hannah Overton videoLinks to an external site.. This is video 1 of 3 on YouTube. The second and third segments are available after watching the first one. Each is between 8 and 9 minutes. Other snippets are available on YouTube if you want to read more about her case.  Hannah spent seven years in prison and her case has since been dropped.  After understanding her story, then answer the questions below. 
 What mistakes did Hannah Overton make that set the course to be sentenced to life in prison? If you were in her shoes, what would you have done differently?  We are all vulnerable to being wrongly accused.
What role did Hannah’s husband play in the case? 
Discuss the concept of having good representation from defense attorneys versus poor defense attorneys. Who might you hire if you were in her shoes?
Do you view Hannah as a victim, an advocate, or an offender?  

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