Read this Scenario then write a pre negotiation plan but acting as if you are th

Read this Scenario then write a pre negotiation plan but acting as if you are th

Read this Scenario then write a pre negotiation plan but acting as if you are the applicant.
Role: Applicant’s Perspective Summary
Sam Ursaline is a senior graduating from a large southern university. Sam has majored in finance for the last 4 years and is graduating at the top of the class. Like many students at the university, Sam has an active life outside of the classroom and has made the most of time at the university by developing professional and social aspects of life. Sam is active in campus clubs, volunteers at a local homeless shelter, and dedicates a portion of time to helping Meals on Wheels take food to the less fortunate. In addition to charitable activities, Sam has also worked as a cashier at a local grocery store and developed a strong customer service skillset.
Over the summer between the junior and senior year, Sam had an internship with a large Fortune 500 company working as a financial consultant and assisting in completion of the monthly and quarterly returns, closing activities for the quarter, and quarterly budgeting for expenses. The experience developed Sam’s strong interest in pursuing a career as a financial analyst and provided valuable professional development opportunities at every turn.
In addition to developing professionally, Sam also developed socially during college. In the third year, Sam met Pat, and they began dating. As it turned out, Pat was an accounting major with similar interests, and the two complemented each other very well. After graduation, the two are going to marry and start their lives together.
Like so many college students, Sam is facing the challenges of finding employment after college but recently got a significant break. Sam had submitted a résumé to Greenbaum Financial Services, an up-and-coming investment firm in the area, and they extended an interview opportunity. The interview went very well. Sam is hopeful that the firm will make contact soon with their decision.
Sam has researched other firms in the area on the Internet and has determined that starting salaries for a position like this one are wide ranging. The minimum starting salary was reported at $50,000 with the maximum salary reported at $68,000. Sam and Pat would love to start a family and hope that they can begin to save money for a home. A $68,000 starting salary sure would help, but Sam hopes to command at least $57,500 in the current marketplace.
BATNA OPTION 1: Due to the level of activity in Sam’s undergraduate education and resulting class standing, Sam has also been pursued by Redbank Financial Services. Redbank is an older firm in the neighborhood but is less immediately attractive to Sam due to its more conservative investment strategies. However, Redbank would provide an adequate place for Sam to begin working if a job with Greenbaum does not work out. Thus, though not ideal, the introduction of this option allows the candidate to execute the negotiation with a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) in place.
Please answer these questions in essay length answers.
Summary of Negotiation
1. Who are the participants in the negotiation?
2. What is the situation?
3. What is the reason for the negotiation?
1. What are the issues for you in this situation?
2. What might the issues be for the other party(s)?
1. What is your BATNA(s) and why?
2. What is your Target Point and why?
3. What is your Reservation Point and why?
Problems and Planning
1. What potential problems and roadblocks can you envision?
2. What are your plans to deal with any roadblocks?

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