Reading This is the post of other student analyse it and add point and summary i

This is the post of other student analyse it and add point and summary i

This is the post of other student analyse it and add point and summary in short 2 paragraph
As a history major, my field of interest is the history of music and how it can accurately illustrate the human experience. In particular, I have long studied the eerily accurate role music has played in describing political, social, and cultural phenomena of the 20th century. My knowledge of music in this century has brought me to believe that music must have had to develop alongside language for more than 100 years. As a result, asking whether music evolved from language or language from music is a topic that interests me.
The aforementioned question resembles the age-old evolution riddle asking whether the chicken or the egg came first. To answer this question, we must define language and music. Language refers to oral, auditory, and visual methods of communication that respect convention and widely-agreed upon uses and rules. Records of language date back thousands of years, with near-constant evolution promoting changes and additions. The definition of music, however, is more complicated. Although humans in the modern era predominantly consider music an organized art form in the medium of sound, arguments concerning the involvement of the animal kingdom and possible purposes of music are rampant. Defining these terms with respect to each other is too a difficult task. Bryan G. Levman proposes an eventual synonymous evolution between language and music as both “arose out of the fundamental impulse of the organism to survive, an impulse for which hearing and vocalization were indispensable aids” (Levman 1992, 150). Preceding this relationship, he proposes, was a proto-language or initial language, happening to present itself as a form of music that sought to aid in survival. Music is an instinctual ability that served as a fundamental basis for the eventual development of speech.
Support for the argument can be found throughout the animal kingdom. Signals of aggression, mating songs, species identification signals, and even some traditional songs are listed to demonstrate the lack the basics of speech that are present in the modern-day interpretation of language (Levman 1992, 155-163). Of course these examples demonstrate a form of communication and can often be misinterpreted as “language,” but musical capabilities are directly responsible for driving this evolution of communication. Furthermore, the development of language and speech, as we know them today, are the marker for when humans really began to evolve separately from primates and other members of the animal kingdom. The evolution of the human called for a further development of the means of communication, and thus verbal and non-verbal language became commonplace. As Zoe’s notes mention, making discriminations and calculations, avoiding predators, and responding to signals are examples of abilities that would have been emphasized by the capacity to communicate with language (Dennison 2023, Module 2).
Further account for this argument comes from Charles Darwin, the Father of Evolution, and his hypothesis concerning the evolution of music in regards to sexual selection and the eventual development of language. Darwin noted many similarities between the means of communication between varying members of the animal kingdom to humans. Since Darwin’s era, many studies have attempted to verify his findings. Nobuo Masataka elaborates on Darwin’s proposed similarities between gibbons and humans specifically. Masataka found that the cognitive mechanisms holding the ability to “discover the particular patterned input of phonetic and syllabic units,” representing “the particular patterns of the input signal” and “rhythmical characteristics of natural spoken language phonology” and their relevance to the processing and comprehension of music are crucial to the above argument (Masataka 2008, 21). These mechanisms, Masataka notes, are considerably shared between the evolutionary paths of humans and other primate species. He acknowledges that the communication systems between these species denotes that ancestral communication systems are closer to music as opposed to language.
Despite the controversy surrounding the topic, there is substantial evidence supporting the notion that music served as a “proto-language” to the development of what we consider to be language. In my own opinion, I find it unlikely that language would have come before music. Music plays such a major role in the evolution of the animal kingdom that I have a hard time believing that humans differ so substantially from our animalian ancestors.
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