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Reflect on this question: How do we organize the innovation process so that it’s

Reflect on this question: How do we organize the innovation process so that it’s

Reflect on this question: How do we organize the innovation process so that it’s most effective? In this module you will explore and assess ways of structuring an organization to enhance innovation. A great deal has been learned in the past decade about the importance of harnessing knowledge from diverse teams. Companies whose strategies depend on innovation have moved to agile organizational structures made up of teams. Consider how your company has changed the way it operates in order to be more flexible.


For this activity, complete the following:
1. Reflect upon what you have learned about best practices for facilitating innovation within organizations.
– Is there an area in which your organization could improve?
2. Develop a change management plan for a part or all of your organization based on the area of improvement you identified.
3. Be sure to include the following:
– The goal of changing the way your organization does things
– How this change would improve decision-making with respect to innovation
– An action plan for how to implement this change
I have attached a writing rubric and essays so that you understand who I am and the company I work for.
And below are little discussions about myself:
My Name is Dinika Hundalani and I graduated from New York City College of Technology with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management. I am currently finishing up my last semester here at Pace University, and I will graduate by the end of this year with my MBA in Marketing Management. I live in Fort Lee, N.J and commute every day to New York where I currently manage my dad’s restaurant called Mamasita Bar and Grill in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. I have a background in travel, tourism, & hospitality management and have been practically in the hospitality industry my entire life, as my dad has always had restaurants growing up. For my future plans, I want to help my dad with his business so that he can retire. I also plan to have my own business one day; however, I know I need more experience, and so I plan to apply for jobs in my field and then absorb what I learn into building something of my own.
A transformative technological change that I have personally experienced in my lifetime is the use of voice assistants. Voice technology has the ability to receive and interpret verbal directions. For me, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have been a game changer. There are a range of things that I use voice technology for which include telling me the weather, reading me the news, playing music from various streaming services, sending emails/text messages or initiating calls, locating my smartphone when I lose it, checking traffic conditions and map travel routes, and scheduling meetings. The impact of voice assistant technology has impacted my productivity and given me the advantage to complete tasks easily and efficiently, especially in situations where I need to set myself a reminder because I can sometimes be forgetful.
In “The Eight Essentials of Innovation,” something that intrigued me was how collaboration can enable innovation. There are many individuals who like working by themselves; however, I learned that with collaborating, it speeds up the process in sparking up ideas which can drive innovation. When having open-minded people who have different views, ideas, and experiences, you can quickly validate ideas and help bring upon new ideas which can save time when you have countless ideas. This can help determine and decrease which ideas would be supported and scaled. Furthermore, after completing this module, it was no surprise that innovative ideas are created through collaboration because you can spark up new ideas or even learn from others by feeding off a person’s thinking or judgement. For me, this is more transformative. It changes my thinking on innovation because instead of being close-minded, I should listen and be open to hear what others have to say; moreover, I can also hope people are willing to hear my ideas and thoughts so that maybe it can spark up a connection and help push an idea forward.
Customers expect distinctive and customized products and services in today’s markets which trigger innovation. I work at a restaurant called Mamasita Bar & Grill in Manhattan, which introduced new services into their operations, giving me first-hand knowledge of factors to consider during company innovation. The business wanted to enter the online market by providing food delivery services. The restaurant was initially built to serve sit-in customers, but due to service demand, market competitiveness, and economic circumstances, online food delivery became essential. The decision to implement food delivery services was proposed by a staff member and adopted after management discussed the idea with employees and recognized the new opportunity. During the staff management meeting they evaluated the ideas effectiveness compared to other prospective ideas and discovered that the food delivery business was in great demand and could enhance profitability.
Incorporating a new product or service is challenging and risky if the proper precautions are not taken. According to Wheelwright and Clark (1992), the first stage in bringing a new product into a firm is market research and data analysis to determine why the innovation is necessary and beneficial to the business. The second phase is to create a project plan showing the available resources and how they might be used. The product development plan aids in the creation of a schedule that highlights how the project will progress over time. The plan also highlights stakeholders and their roles in product development (Wheelwright & Clark, 1992). The plan of action further defines the expenses and risks.
Examining the class content, I can agree that the disruptive innovation theory would have aided the Mamasita Bar and Grill food delivery concept. The disruptive innovation theory highlights that businesses in current marketplaces are transforming their product and service delivery in more straightforward and less costly ways, leading to substantial earnings (Christensen, 2020). Based on the theory, Mamasita Bar and Grill’s food delivery innovation is modern, in high demand, and profitable when well adopted and integrated, allowing the business to compete with other restaurants and fast food companies while preserving traditional restaurant settings.
Innovation entails designing a new product to suit current needs, and some innovations are unique and revolutionary, raising a need for innovators to protect their ideas and investments in the idea. The USPTO advocates for business to seek trademarks and intellectual property rights for the innovative idea (USPTOvideo. 2020). This department safeguards people’s ideas against exploitation and theft. It also highlights the requirements businesses should follow when utilizing a previously trademarked idea. I now feel that the USPTO allows inventors to develop and encourages competition.
Clayton M. Christensen, K. D. (2020, February 4). Disruption 2020: An Interview with Clayton M. Christensen. MIT Sloan Management Review. https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/an-interview-with-clayton-m-christensen/
USPTOvideo. (2020, April 27). USPTO, inventors, and Partners Celebrate World IP Day 2020. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4uYGl3cE_A
Wheelwright, S. C., & Clark, K. B. (1992). Creating project plans to focus on product development (pp. 70–82). Harvard Business School Pub.

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