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Reflection Journal Module Two-Theories of Socialization and Units of Social Inte

Reflection Journal
Module Two-Theories of Socialization and Units of Social Interaction
For module two, we covered three chapters.
Chapter four-socialization introduced you to the importance of the agents of socialization; major socialization theories; desocialization and resocialization, and the major theoretical perspectives on socialization.
Chapter five-social structure or social interaction introduced you to the building blocks of social interaction; perception, stereotype, and space micro-interaction concepts; Nisbet’s building blocks of micro-social interaction, Dramaturgy social interaction theory-Erving Goffman; Definition of the Social Situation social interaction theory; Ethnomethodology social interaction theory; and, the theoretical perspectives of social interaction.
Chapter six-social groups introduced you to the different types of social groups; small-group dynamics; formal organizations; and bureaucracy.
Your reflection journal will include your personal reflections on the content covered in module two. This is your personal journal and it should include your own reflections about what you found to be important and interesting in unit two. Please make sure to relate the interesting content to your own personal life experiences.
You should also include questions that you may have about the chapters in unit two’s learning module for future inquiry or interest. You can direct your questions to me as you write your journal reflections. You should also remember that there are no right or wrong answers when writing your journal reflections. Journal reflections are confidential. I will be the only one who will be able to see and read your journal reflections.
Please make sure to use font size 12 and Times New Roman.

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