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Reflection on Community-Based Event & Festival (REF) There are a number of commu

Reflection on Community-Based Event & Festival (REF)
There are a number of community-based events and festivals, recreation/leisure programs, and services for residents. You may be able to take an opportunity to participate in these local and cultural activities provided by private, public, and non-profit organizations (Be sure to practice social distancing if needed and recommended). Wherever you are living you can easily find them using the Web, a local phone book, an activity guide from a city recreation department, or any other means. For example, you can find numerous opportunities from websites such as
Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com (Links to an external site.)),
Yelp (https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=festivals&find_loc=Greensboro%2C+NC (Links to an external site.)),
Visitnc (https://www.visitnc.com/events (Links to an external site.)), etc.
Things To Do:
1. Find at least five events and/or festivals organized by the local community where you are residing. These events and festivals may include but are not limited to music, art, movie, food festivals; Special Olympics, Parade and Ceremony, etc. Summarize each of them using the template attached.
2. Select and engage in one of the events and festivals you found and complete a reflection report (2nd page of the template)
3. Give an online presentation (5-7 minutes) based on your reflection. You may want to use visual aids (PowerPoint, picture, or video you took, etc.) while giving a presentation

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