Research Paper: The research paper is intended to provide you with the opportuni

Research Paper: The research paper is intended to provide you with the opportuni

Research Paper: The research paper is intended to provide you with the opportunity to more fully explore Corporate Governance topic, as well as examine it from a more empirical perspective. The paper should be no longer than 5 pages in length (not including a cover page or references). It should consist of at least 3 empirical research articles from reputable aging journals (acceptable journals include: Journal of Accountancy, Journal of International Accounting Research, and Journal of Accounting Research are few examples. The paper will be written in APA style.

Things to do list:
1. Try to find review articles about the new “Ethics, Fraud & Corporate Governance” policy and other basic information to use for background (outside of what is provided in textbook)
2. Write the paper
a. Background information to topic of Corporate Governance; research question – what is it that your investigating in relation to the topic.
1. You may use as many extra review articles or other empirical articles as you would like.
2. Describe the changes and what would be the impact on Corporate America, society, CPA firms and other constituencies. IFRS and GAAP, Corporate Governance, issues, road blocks and more. You are to cover this topic in relation to any aspects of it. Examples: issues with backdating contracts, issues with taxes, and more.
3. The paper must be written in APA format. There are 2 primary ways you will use APA formatting: referencing and use of section headers.
a. Table of content, introduction and conclusion!
b. Referencing must be in APA style. Please see APA website for style information sheets.

Grading scheme includes:

Content: 40 pt
Full explanation of topic
Introduction to topic
Background, method, results, conclusions of 3 studies
Conclusion to paper

Depth of thought: 30pt
Provided own conclusions and thoughts
Critical analysis of research
Provide future directions

Clarity: 20pt
Written in clear and understandable language
Logical order
Provides connections among papers
Succinct language Grammar/Technical aspect:

APA style / other requirements: 10pt

Includes section headers
Referencing within paper
Reference page at end
(with all references from paper)


1. Know the subject backwards and forwards before you begin your analysis.
2. Give yourself enough time to write the paper. You don’t want to rush
through it.
3. Be honest in your evaluations. Don’t let personal issues and opinions cloud your
4. Be analytical, not descriiptive.
5. Proofread your work!
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