Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model Due Thursday October 5, 2

Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model
Due Thursday October 5, 2

Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model
Due Thursday October 5, 2023 by 11:00 pm
Must Read Everything: 
Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback
I will also show an example below of how the response needs to be addressed.
Here’s an example of how the response should look. Please don’t copy it. 
The response to the classmate need to be just like this. 
Example Response (Response Needs to be writen just like the response below No copying)
RISE Feedback:
REFLECT: I concur with “Action plans should reflect the type of services that are needed and have an idea of the expected outcome of the services” because it is in line with Hatch and Hartline’s intentional school counseling guidelines in regards to determining students needs.
INQUIRE: Can you further explain what “closing-the-gap action plans” are? 
SUGGEST: I encourage you to revisit Hatch and Hartline’s MTMDSS tier interventions in order to add a citation that would illustrate your example on bullying prevention efforts. 
ELEVATE: What if you re-purposed “For example, after a needs assessment, the school is having problems with bullying” as “Following Trish Hatch’s MTMDSS tier based interventions, if the school is having problems with bullying, after a needs assessment, we could… citation…”  for a more weighted argument?
ReferencesHatch, T., & Hartline, J. (2022). The use of data in school counseling: Hatching results (and so much more) for students, programs and the profession (2nd Ed.). Corwin.
****PLEASE RESPOND IN DEPTH***************************************************
See the attachment for the two classmate discussion post that you will need to respond to
Response 1- Marlene 
Describe experiences related to any of the following: (9) Research and/or technology
This week we had a Professional development day. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Adolph Brown was the guest speaker. He talked about his research in significance of students coming in with a backpack full of items from their life we do not know about and how we can judge. He noted that if we are not coming to work prepared and dealt with our past how can be aware and help others. Thus his research in self-efficacy tied into it all. He reminded us that students are human just like us. We both have trauma’s, both need to use the bathroom during class time, both carrying heavy things, both need help and compassion. He used the symbol of the mirror to help us realize that in order to the the best as being the piolet we have to look at ourselves. Help all but not one. Try different approaches, and realize all students are not the same. Being a product of Head Start, and despite his rough childhood he succeed because someone at his school worked with him the whole child. Very inspirational speaker. He has a show and podcast, which I will post below.
Response 2- Laura
Describe strategies you have tried that worked well or did not work well.
I have recently started working with a middle school transitional counselor in my district. Her role consists of helping students make a smooth transition from elementary school to middle school. This is a newer position in our district and has proven quite effective. One of the strategies that we have implemented is having bi-weekly meetings with small groups of students in each of the elementary feeder schools where we provide guidance, support and a safe space for students to discuss their concerns, fears, and expectations about transitioning to middle school. The smaller group setting allows for more personalized interactions and fosters a sense of belonging and security among the students. During the meetings we cover topics such as;  academic expectations (Grades, attendance), social challenges, school resources and career planning. This strategy is a proactive approach that aims to prepare students both academically and emotionally for the transition to middle school.

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