Review PCAOB Inspection Reports:

Review PCAOB Inspection Reports:

Review PCAOB Inspection Reports: to an external site.
Select 2 cases from the past 2 years and summarize:
– Which PCAOB auditing standards were violated?
– What should the auditors have done differently?
– Provide a link to the inspection reports you are referring to.
Auditors of publicly traded companies have to register with the PCAOB and the more public clients they have, the more often they get inspections. The results of PCAOB inspections are one important input factor that informs the standard setting agenda you reviewed in your first research assignment. PCAOB inspections keep auditors on their toes to perform a quality audit rather than to pursue additional income by potentially cutting corners in regard to performing appropriate work (e.g. collecting sufficient appropriate audit evidence).
I recommend that you browse through a couple of inspection reports and find one that has plenty of violations or one that is of interest to you. You should start with a brief summary of the case and violations and then embark on answering additional questions. A good approach is to select a large audit firm and a smaller audit firm or to select audit firms from different countries.
Please list any additional resources you use and make sure to provide your original work. Copying text from websites etc. without clearly referencing that you do so may result in zero points for the assignment.

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