Rocky Mountain Corporation (RMC) has relocated to a new building that was previo

Rocky Mountain Corporation (RMC) has relocated to a new building that was previo

Rocky Mountain Corporation (RMC) has relocated to a new building that was previously wired and set up for a local area network (LAN). The company implemented a 50-user client/server-based Wireless network, using WPA in which all printers, folders, and other resources are shared; everyone has access to everything and there is no security outside of the defaults that were in place when the system was set up.
You have been hired to secure the RMC network and ensure that the company has a properly designed network that allows for future growth (500 users in 12 months) and for the highest levels of security to protect against internal and external attacks.
RMC has scheduled a meeting with its key executives and you in order to provide you with any additional information you may need.
In an eight- to ten-page proposal, address the following three sections and their action items to provide a comprehensive secure environment:
Section 1: Topology (type of network) and network devices
RMC needs to set up a network; it requires clarification regarding the type of network (or topology) in order to properly configure the connections among all PCs within the organization. The company is looking for guidance regarding the type of network devices that will connect devices to the Local Area Network (LAN).
The company asks that you explain what internal and external networking components are required (explain each and justify why you chose the network devices you did).
Provide a cryptography method that will ensure vital data is encrypted.
Provide an explanation of what network protocols will be used on the LAN and why. Ensure that the network has the capacity to:
connect all users to company resources (e.g. printers, scanners, and other items). provide file sharing options.
manage these resources in a central location.
allow for internal users to access the internet; and
allow external users vendors to access the LAN remotely.
Your proposal should include budgetary cost estimates for the chosen topology.
Section 2: IP Infrastructure
RMC has asked that you provide details regarding an IP structure (which includes static, DHCP—or the possibility of both—and proper IP Class assignment), which is mindful of the company’s expectation of continued growth.
Provide a remote access plan to ensure that users who access the network remotely do so in a secure and efficient manner
Section 3: Security
Basic security has been in place and now the company would like you to make this a more secure facility in hopes of protecting against internal and external security threats.
Generate a plan to provide secure access control methods for all internal-user access including a viable password policy, which includes complexity, duration, and history requirements.
Provide a thorough plan to protect the network from malware and various types of malicious attacks.
Your proposal should include all of the bulleted elements in the three sections above, with support, detail, and elaboration for each section explicitly grounded in knowledge from the assigned readings and media along with outside sources.
Length: Your paper must be eight to ten pages in length, not including the required cover and references pages.
Sources: Include a minimum of six sources. (For each of the three sections, include at least two scholarly references as well as material from the uCertify.)

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