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Scenario 3: Due to a high turnover rate of seasoned nurses, an influx of new gr

Scenario 3: Due to a high turnover rate of seasoned nurses, an influx of new graduates and a lack of any recent major disasters in the area there is the need to re-address the stages/phases of the Emergency Response Plan. You are a member of the unit Nurse Practice Council which has been assigned to work with the Performance Improvement Team to review policy and protocol regarding elements of the hospital Emergency Response Plan. The Council is charged in brainstorming ways to create and disseminate an action plan to increase awareness and understanding of the facility’s Emergency Response Plan.
· PLAN -Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output. Plan a change, test, or activity aimed at improvement (Processes could include flow sheets, or any documentation collected)
· DO -Implement the plan
· STUDY- the results of the implementation. Analyze the data to determine if changes worked or met expectations.
· ACT- to hold what you’ve gained and to continue improvement.
Answer the following questions related to the above scenario:
Who are the appropriate members for the team and why? (consider all departments involved)
What possible problems can be surmised by the subcommittee and prioritize the actions of the subcommittee to address the issue.
Based on your highest priority, develop a plan for improvement using the PDSA model.
How will satisfaction be impacted by this process?
-To demonstrate learning and enhance understanding all discussions must be supported with professional literature. Without literature support a discussion is only your opinion. Faculty will review your post for understanding of the scenario and the use of professional support
You must cite at least 2 professional resources, your course textbook must be included as one of your professional resources. You are welcome to use more than 2 resources.
-i attached module reading from the book. Have to site at least one thing from the book. When you do take something from the book just but (cite from book & page number) i will fix the apa when i recieve the finished product.
-for the 2 research articles i provided please do the same, but which ever one you use just put (cited from & and put the name of the article)
-do not take any information off internet, will go through plagism site before turning in

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