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Scientific Methodology Evaluate the case scenario, applying the scientific meth

Scientific Methodology
Evaluate the case scenario, applying the scientific methodology from the course. Remember, you are not stating opinions; you are breaking down this
case through the lens of the scientific method. Walk through the scenario, applying specific scientific methodology. In other words, determine which
specific scientific methodology (e.g., forensic interviewing, psychological assessments, psycho-social assessments, the administering of psychological
testing, court report writing) applies to the scenario.
Theoretical Framework
a) How can previous research help your assigned forensic psychologist with developing evidence-based approaches and providing effective services
to clients within the scenario?
b) Select a psychological theory that would help inform the forensic psychologist’s eventual decisions and recommendations in this case. In other
words, provide a rationale that supports the approach as it relates to the specific scenario. -The Theory I want to use is Julian Rotter’s Locus of Control. PLEASE Use this!
c) Based on the scientific methodology(s) that you identified in Section II, what best practices or approaches would you recommend to ensure that
they are effectively implemented in the particular scenario?
i. For instance, what recommendations would you make to the assigned forensic psychologist to ensure that the clients in the case
maintain the limit of confidentiality? Or how would you determine the clients’ level of cognition with regard to a forensic psychologist’s
involvement with them? Note: These are guiding questions. You should address other best practices as they relate to your scenario.
Milestone One- PLEASE use this as a reference guide!
Case Scenario
Rubric- Please Follow!!

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