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Short Essay For the following, you are asked to find an organization to use as a

Short Essay
For the following, you are asked to find an organization to use as a case study, and then write an essay in response to it. The essay is worth forty marks. Your essay should include references to the relevant theories, models, and concepts discussed in Units 1 to 8. Use examples to illustrate your points, and review the Writing Essays section in the Course Information before starting. Limit the length of your essay to between 1,000 and 1,200 words.
Case Study
Using AU library resources, periodicals, and the Internet, find and research an organization that is known for its commitment to social responsibility. Locate information on the social responsibility mandate of your chosen organization, on socially responsible projects that the organization has undertaken, or both. Provide a brief overview of the organization in your introduction and answer the following analysis and reflection questions in a short essay.
Analysis Questions
How does the organization communicate its commitment to social responsibility publicly? Include information about the methods used and the content of these communication pieces.
Is the social responsibility mandate of the organization primarily social or environmental in nature?
Determine the scope of the organization’s efforts (local, regional, national, global).
Does the organization publish a sustainability report or the equivalent? If so, what items are included in this report? Is the report generated internally or externally (that is, by another independent organization)?
How do the organization’s socially responsible undertakings relate to its core business?
Reflection Questions
Are the organization’s efforts effective, in your estimation? Support your response with examples.
Are the organization’s communication efforts in this respect effective? Support your response with examples and possible recommendations for improvement, if applicable.
What challenges do you think the organization faces in carrying out its mandate of social responsibility?
Does the organization’s commitment to social responsibility make it a learning organization? Support your response with reference to the discussion of learning organizations in the study guide.
Recommend other socially responsible projects that the organization could undertake. Justify your recommendation with reference to the organization’s mission statement, vision statement, or published codes of conduct.

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