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Educates, organizes and trains the Latino community in. https://glahr.org/ (THIS IS THE ORGANIZATION THAT I CHOOSE) BUT IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE FOR SOMETHING EASIER IS FINE.

1. Name of the organization, geographic location, link to website
b. Mission statement/Goals of organization (if you quote from website use
proper APA citation for a direct quote)
c. Constituency/Membership/Base (what types of people is the organization
working with/for, or does the organization have grassroots members).
d. If a membership organization, describe how membership is defined
e. Describe one or more specific, concrete issue(s) the organization is
working on

2. Past Win
a. Describe one significant win or major accomplishment to date.
b. How did the victory make a difference in the lives of the people most effected
by the issue?
c. Was this an offensive or defensive victory? (an offensive victory is winning
something that makes a positive difference in peoples’ lives such as a labor
union earning a $2 an hour pay increase. A defensive victory is preventing
something from happening that would likely make life worse for the
constituency, for example Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles stopping the
construction of a $1 Billion new jail facility)
d. For a-c above, ideally provide empirical evidence via statistics, case studies,
outcome evaluations, or substantive reporting in the press. In some cases you
might find empirical, scientific journal articles, (or even books or book
chapters) about a campaign, but narrative case studies are fine as well. Other
forms of evidence include notable press articles such as newspaper articles,
magazine articles, or TV/Radio press that describe the campaign/victory and
give the organization some credit for the victory.

3. Current Campaign
a. Describe a current campaign (to make this as relevant as possible to our current
times, you might select a campaign related to Covid-19 Pandemic, stopping
police brutality, reforming/eliminating police departments, ending white
supremacy, decreasing economic inequality between races, stopping voter
suppression, expanding voter access, etc.)
b. What is the objective of the campaign? (list 2-5 demands)
c. Who is the target?
d. What strategy is the organization using to pressure the target?

4. Organization Critical Analysis.
a. Which of Jane McAlevey’s (2016) methods seems to be the organization’s
primary model of change: advocacy, mobilizing, or organizing?
b. Briefly justify how the organization’s model/campaign meets McAlevey’s
c. Undergraduates need to answer 4 a & b above, graduate students need to
further analyze the organization’s model of change based on at least 2 other
references, (e.g., Matthew Desmond, Bobo, Kendall, & Max, Paulo Freire,
Jack Rothman, Crystal Fleming, TaNehisi Coates, Charles Blow, Critical
Race Theory, etc. Feel free to dig deeper by referencing other works in the
bibliography at the end of this syllabus, references from other classes, or ones
you find on your own)

5. Job. Describe the primary job that staff perform at this organization that you
might be attracted to.
a. What is the job title?
b. What are the main responsibilities of that job?
c. What types of social work skills/competencies are required to perform this job?
d. Describe any impressions you have of the positives (or negatives) of
performing this job

6. Conclusion/Summary
a. Anything else you want to share about this organization or job?

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