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The course paper will be a thesis-driven, 5-7 page literary analysis research pa

The course paper will be a thesis-driven, 5-7 page literary analysis research paper that explores a leadership/maturation theme as developed in The Odyssey and two other course primary source readings and informed by research in secondary sources (minimum of six sources, including the chosen course readings).
Compare and contrast three of the following
characters which are Odysseus, Oedipus and Hamlet. How do they define their
duty? Does this contrast with what society/family or the gods/God considers
their duty to be? What challenges do they face in attempting to do their duty?
How do they respond to this duty?
These are the proposal part of the assignment.
1) identifying a leadership/maturation
related theme/topic addressed in the course readings;
2) identifying a leadership theory or approach to
guide the analysis of the readings (Example: democratic, authoritative,
authoritarian, servant style leadership, etc.);
3) including a thematically connected title identifying the
authors/readings to be analyzed;
4) including a single clear thesis
5) demonstrating careful editing for clarity,
conciseness, and correctness before submission.
The majority of evidence given should come from the texts read for this course. A minimum of three outside scholarly sources must be consulted, used , and documented in the paper to support the thesis statement. Look for academic handbooks or introductions to scholarly editions, journal articles, and/or books or ebooks. Find these sources through the LETU library databases. Commercial or non-academic websites are NOT allowed for this assignment. although ebooks and articles are welcome. Include an alphabetically organized Works Cite page that includes the three primary source readings and any and all other sources used in the paper. MLA formatting must be used throughout the paper. See the reading questions for more information about how to do MLA citation. Clear, concise writing, proper editing, and accurate use of the MLA paper format using parenthetical citations will be considered in grading.
Your paper must use and document a minimum of three scholarly secondary sources for support. List the three secondary sources and the three course readings analyzed on the Works Cited page alphabetically by author. You should have a total of at least six items used and documented in the body of the paper and listed on the Works Cited page.
Required Text(s) and Resources
The Odyssey
Homer, Trans. R. Fagles
ISBN 13:
Edition/Year Published:
Penguin Group
Shakespeare, Ed. Roma Gill
ISBN 13:
Edition/Year Published:
New York: Oxford
Three Theban Plays
Sophocles, Trans. Robert Fagles
ISBN 13:
Edition/Year Published:
New York: Penguin Group
1. 5-7 typed, double-spaced pages (1750+ words, not including the Works Cited page).
2. Parenthetical, in text, documentation of all course readings analyzed and all secondary research sources used in the paper.
3. Follow the MLA format for documentation and Works Cited page. List each literary text analyzed by author/title. List each secondary source (at least 3) by author/title. List all six+ source alphabetically by author/title.
4. Include a thematically descriptive title, including course authors/readings to be analyzed.
5. Include a clear thesis statement for the paper in the introduction that answers these questions: 1) What am I writing about? 2) What am I saying about what I am writing about?
6. Edit for accuracy, correctness, clarity, and conciseness. Feel free to get help with this step.
7. Make sure that every use of every source is fully, clearly, and corrected documented in the paper. Improperly borrowed material and poor or lacking documentation will result in a lowered grade. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for the paper.

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