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The name of the book is Criminal Investigation 11th edition Describe the role of

The name of the book is Criminal Investigation 11th edition
Describe the role of intuition and inductive reasoning in criminal investigation.
Explain your thoughts using your textbook in a minimum of 250 words.
Write your response in a full/one page essay. This writing assignment is an exercise in critical thinking. Make an argument and support it based on what you read and review from credible sources. You should also use outside sources and current events to support your argument.
Make sure you cite your sources.
I am looking for you to demonstrate your understanding of the reading. Do not copy word for word from the textbook. You need to get into the habit of putting what you read into your own words. No attachments
just type right onto the assignment drop-box or copy and paste into the
assignment drop-box.
Writing Assignment Format:
1. An Introduction – State the assignment and introduce the reader to your topic (state your argument) and explain what you are going to be talking about.
2. A Body – This will be where you explain your argument (elaborate on your argument and provide supporting material). The first sentence of each paragraph should state a part of your
argument, the next couple of sentences should elaborate on that point and the last sentence should restate your point and sum up the paragraph.
3. A Conclusion – This will summarize everything that you have spoke about in your paper and restate your argument from the introduction (do not introduce any new thoughts).
Assignment Format:-
12-point font
– Times New Roman Print
– 1 inch margins
– Double-spaced
– Indent your paragraphst

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