The Power of Meaningful School Partnerships

The Power of Meaningful School Partnerships

In the discussion, identify the course objective demonstrated in the video, relate the video to the standards, and support your thoughts with at least two references. Remember that the minimum requirements are to be accepted. Use 3 CURRENT (no older than ten years) references (one each: YouTube links, textbook, and peer-reviewed journal)
The Power of Meaningful School Partnerships

What makes meaningful school partnerships helpful to students, families, and teachers? Why

Jul 21 2023 04:01 PM
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He finalizes by stating that solid school relationships provide teachers with support, resources, and professional development. Collaboration with other organizations or specialists gives instructors access to new teaching methods, tools, and expertise (Bethel, 2017. Through partnerships, teachers and external stakeholders may collaborate, share ideas, and learn about their sector’s latest research and best practices. Community participation, family connection, and well-rounded education are emphasized in educational standards. The National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) promotes school relationships that benefit kids, families, and teachers (National PTA, 2023). The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) also values school-family-community connections for academic, career, and social/emotional development (ASCA, 2019). In conclusion, effective school partnerships improve student learning, family-school relationships, and teacher advancement. PTA and ASCA promote these educationally aligned relationships. Such collaborations enhance cooperation and shared accountability, creating a conducive educational environment for all stakeholders

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