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The purpose of this assignment is to guide the student in crafting a scholarly p

The purpose of this assignment is to guide the student in crafting a scholarly paper that examines a specific culture and incorporates methods of communication, health promotion issues and cultural considerations. The student will select a culture other than their own and design a paper using evidence based resources to address challenges that might occur when providing nursing care and how to address them.
The requirements of the paper will guide the student in improving their capacity to rely on personal values, education, experience and research to learn about the chosen culture to enhance their knowledge and become culturally competent.
The following guidelines will help you craft your paper:
Paper will follow APA format with title page, headings and appropriate in text citations. Reference page properly documented as per APA format (Total 5-6 pages including the title page, abstract page, 2-3 pages of the body, and reference page)
Use headings to help guide your reader through the sections of this paper.
An introductory paragraph where you define the topic. Be sure the purpose of the paper clearly stated. Remember- in APA format. The word “Introduction” is not a heading for the introductory paragraph.
Define the chosen culture. What are the characteristics of the culture- health beliefs, food preferences, and religious guidelines?
Significance of the topic – Provide examples of appropriate communication, how would the RN interact if there are language barriers, resources that would be included?
Discuss two significant health issues that are prevalent within the chosen culture and what the priorities for health maintenance or promotion that need to be addressed.
Summary paragraph will briefly recap the main points you raised.
Be sure to cite your references

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