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The subject of the paper will be research articles on emotional intelligence the

The subject of the paper will be research articles on emotional intelligence theory and/or practice. First, the student will locate research articles online. Then, the student will choose six (6) research articles to discuss: the topic being investigated, the research results, and the potential for using findings in the workplace. The six articles’ selection could all be on one aspect of Emotional Intelligence theory and/or practice. Or you could examine three (3) articles that say one thing about EI, and the other three (3) articles could be opposing the first three (3) articles. In your paper, be sure to discuss some of the material addressed in this course. The paper should be well-thought-out and well written.
All papers submitted will be typewritten, double-spaced, 6-8 pages (excluding title page and bibliography). The font should be 12 points and the type style Times Roman, Courier, or equivalent. Full and proper citation is expected. Citations in your paper’s text must reference a complete list of works cited at the end of the paper. The paper should be done using the APA style manual. Wikipedia, blogs, etc., are not considered academic sources. Also, please note that excessive citation, although referenced, is still considered plagiarism.
This paper should reflect graduate-level work in content, appearance, organization, grammar, and effort. Use the grading rubric in Canvas as a guide. Students are required to submit the document in MS Word.
Please note that ALL papers will be submitted to Turnitin for a check against plagiarism.
If you answer all the questions stated below in your narrative, you will be including the most critical points in the article,
What is the purpose of the article?
What is the problem the author cites as challenging?
What predictions or hypotheses does the author state?
What is the research design? A cross-sectional survey, etc.
Describe the instrument used?
What are the population and sample size?
How many responded participants responded?
What are the sample demographics?
Were the hypotheses supported in the article?
What are the discussion points made in the discussion?
What are the findings?
What are the limitations?
What is further research?

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