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The topic of the outline is How ACEs( Adverse childhood experiences) can lead to

The topic of the outline is
How ACEs( Adverse childhood experiences) can lead to future health problems
Outline Example
I. Intro
a.Attention Getter: 65% college graduates believe they have adequate oral and written communication skills. However, only 23% of companies agree with this statement.
b.Thesis: New employees are lacking the necessary communication skills when they enter the workforce.
c.Preview: I am going to explain how businesses are complaining that their new hires do not communicate effectively in the work place and how companies and universities are responding.
II. Body
a. Employers are saying that new employees are lacking important writing and speaking skills necessary for the workforce.
i.Writing skills are extremely important in every profession and the ability to verbally communicate with co-workers and customers is vital.
b.Transition: Higher education institutions and companies are taking measures to combat this issue.
c.Universities are responding by adding required communication courses into their curriculum
i. The University at Buffalo, for example, requires students to complete two communication literacy courses
d.Companies are hiring consulting firms to conduct workshops on how to improve communication
i. Human Resources Departments are bringing in experts to teach skills such as; how to professionally answer the telephone, looking people in the eye when speaking, and how to write a memo.
III. Conclusion
a. Review: Communication skills can be an issue for some college graduates entering the job market. College and companies are taking action to solve the problem.
b.. Concluding remark: Let’s get rid of the employment mismatch

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