The Unit VII Lesson presented several areas of concern related to globalization,

The Unit VII Lesson presented several areas of concern related to globalization,

The Unit VII Lesson presented several areas of concern related to globalization, including:
climate change and global environmental issues,
differing global labor standards,
working in countries with known human rights issues, and
respecting cultural diversity and host country values, norms and customs.
For this final assignment, you will write a scholarly paper in which you examine how and why these areas of concern should be handled or addressed through the application of ethical principles and corporate social responsibility. You will present a distinct example to illustrate each of the four areas of concern.
You must begin by conducting your own research into the four areas of concern listed above. You may use the Columbia Southern University (CSU) Online Library and/or internet resources to collect information and content. Ensure your resources are peer-reviewed, academic in nature, or from professional sources. Blogs and wikis are not acceptable research sources. Consider the following keywords to begin your search:
international child labor
globalization and human rights
international working standards and conditions
global environmental issues; climate change
global outsourcing
globalization and cultural diversity
As you research each of the four issues, you must locate and identify specific cases in the literature of real businesses or companies that have faced these issues in their global business. Your examples can be cases in which they did – or did not – deal with the issue in an effective and ethical manner.
You will then write a scholarly paper that presents your findings and demonstrates your synthesis of the business ethics corporate social responsibility concepts covered in this course. You must address the following in your paper.
Begin with an introduction that clearly presents the thesis and roadmap of your paper. Why are these issues a concern for globalizing businesses?
Examine each of the four globalization issues identified above.
Summarize each issue and explain how it can affect global business interactions and/or performance. Consider the impacts not only on the business, but also on the host country and their workers.
Illustrate each issue by presenting at least one real-life example of a company that has faced that particular issue. Your discussion should reveal insightful analysis of your research while integrating critical and logical details from your sources.
Critique how the issue was handled. What was done well? What could have been done differently in a more ethical and responsible approach? What was lost or gained in the example?
Conclude your paper with a summary that answers the following questions:
What is the importance of understanding these issues when a business decides to go global?
How do ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility impact more than a company’s bottom line?
Your paper must be a minimum of four, but no more than five pages in length. The title and reference pages do not count toward this requirement.
You must utilize at least one distinct external resource in your analysis of each of the four issues, for a minimum of four resources. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations, introduction, and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

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