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The Windshield Survey is a first look at the community through the car’s windshi

The Windshield Survey is a first look at the community through the car’s windshield as discussed on page 64 in the Schoon et al. (2019) text. Observers use their senses as they drive, walk, or use public transportation to get around the community. They then make observations about the physical and social environments that point toward possible health needs. A windshield survey assesses the phsyical and social attributes and resources within a community to better understand assets and challenges related to health.
Assignment Preparation
Access and review page 64 in Schoon et al. (2019) text.
Explore the El Paso County Cities Towns and Neighborhoods
(Links to an external site.)
on the Colorado Gazetteer Hometown Locator site. https://colorado.hometownlocator.com/counties/cities,cfips,041,c,el%20paso.cfm
Another way to look at the area for resources is by using the Neighborhood Navigator. https://navigator.aafp.org
This website points out resources like food pantries, clinics, dental services within a certain area of a community.
This website can help with both the WS and Target population assessment.
Review the Windshield Survey Template_2022.docx
Download Windshield Survey Template_2022.docx
template document file.
Review Step 1 examples from the Community Health Project Overview and Example page.
Assignment Instructions
Conduct the survey for your selected community (typically associated with your community experience site) using the Windshield Survey template including photos with captions.

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