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Thematic Essay: An Autobiography of Motivation Topic: Describe some of the

Thematic Essay: An Autobiography of Motivation
Topic: Describe some of the experiences and motivations guiding your decision to pursue your degree and your life goals related to higher education. Incorporate concepts and themes discussed by Gardner (required), and either Pink (2009) or Goldstein (2011). You may discuss all three, and other sources if you wish.
Guidelines: Submissions should be between 600-800 words. Include in-text citations and a references page listing, in APA format, the sources used in your essay. (Word count does not include the cover page or the list of references)
Assessment: Your essay will be graded based on three criteria:
Composition (clarity of writing, well-structured paragraphs, etc. Use Grammarly to check your writing for errors and suggestions for improvement.
Create a new Grammarly account:
Go to the following website: https://www.grammarly.com/edu/signup
Make sure and use our OU email address
Use this access code: zZmZRFHEs56uitei
Log into an existing Grammarly account: https://www.grammarly.com/edu/signin
For more information on composition expectations and a self-check resource for assessing your work, consult the Essay Composition Rubric);
Style (effective use of APA citation when referring to course materials);
Substance and depth (your understanding of the assigned materials based on accurate summarization and paraphrasing, and drawing connections between the materials and personal reflection.)

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