There is 3 parts of this NARRATIVE essay. Please write paper in FIRST PERSON. Na

There is 3 parts of this NARRATIVE essay. Please write paper in FIRST PERSON.

There is 3 parts of this NARRATIVE essay. Please write paper in FIRST PERSON.
Narrative Essay: Part I
– Paragraph #1: Summarize your research on the topic of professional learning from required readings, course text, and your own research in this area. What connections can you make from the research that will support completing Task 3.
– Paragraph #2: How did/will you use the information from the needs assessment to inform and facilitate the design of a professional learning plan within your school/district? Explain how you involved colleagues and school administrators in the design process.
– Paragraph #3: What is the goal of the plan? How is it aligned with the school/district goals and/or improvement plan? Why is the goal significant? What are the components of the professional learning plan, and how do they connect to the teachers’ needs and student learning? How is the professional learning plan embedded within the school/district culture, or does it address a need to change or improve the culture?
Narrative Essay: Part II
– Paragraph #1: How did you facilitate the implementation of the professional learning plan? How does the plan foster coherent, integrated, and differentiated professional learning?
– Paragraph #2: What resources were used to meet the professional learning goals? How did you utilize or facilitate the meaningful use of technology and/or media literacy? What feedback did you provide to support your colleagues during the course of the professional learning process?
– Paragraph #3: How did this professional learning plan affect the students and teachers? Be sure to reference data and/or feedback you collaboratively collected, analyzed, and used with colleagues to support this evaluation.
Narrative Essay: Part III
– Paragraph #1: How will the feedback you received from students, teachers, and/or administrators as well as your analysis of this feedback inform and facilitate the design and implementation of future professional learning? Provide examples to support your response.
– Paragraph #2: Based on what you learned from this experience, what supports (e.g., time, resources) would you advocate for promoting sustained professional learning in this area? Did this process uncover any additional needs for professional development? Provide a rationale.
– Paragraph #3: What challenges did you face in completing this task? How were those challenges addressed? What future implications do you predict as a result of this effort? What evidence and artifacts did/will you be collecting to meet the GACE requirements to support this work?

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