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This activity covers the content from Week 5 (Ch 6 and 7) First, read the Case h

This activity covers the content from Week 5 (Ch 6 and 7)
First, read the Case here: Ch 6 and 7 Case Analysis.pdf
Download Ch 6 and 7 Case Analysis.pdf (I Have the Pdf)
Answer the following questions based on Ch 6 and Ch 7 content:
Ch 6 – Job Analysis
1. What do you think of Bob’s plan for conducting his job analysis? (see page 132 – 142, pay particular attention to what is necessary for a reliable and valid job analysis method; also convey your understanding of what the most recommended techniques)
2. What additional insights could Bob gain utilizing websites like O*Net and and bls.gov? (go to one of these websites and report back at least one piece of information that might be relevant to Bob).
Ch 6 – Job Evaluation
3. Which job evaluation technique do you think Bob should use when he gets to that step? Why? (see pgs 142 – 150; this will require you briefly explaining the differences between techniques in terms of time, resources, and complexity)
Ch 7 – Market Analysis and Compensation Policy determination
4. Should Bob just skip the job analysis and job evaluation and go straight to market pricing? Why or why not? (this is a combination of ch 6 and ch 7)
5. Identify/describe at least one readily available resource that has market survey data Bob could utilize for his market analysis (pg 158-161)
what are the benefits to using this source?
what are the risks?
even if he can acquire this market survey data, what additional steps/considerations will have to be made? (pgs 163-170)
6. Make a final recommendation. What should Bob’s approach be (market meet, market lag, market match)? (pg 173 – 174)
Should different job families have different policies (cleaners vs support staff)?
7. Given the budget constraints, what other pay mix policies could Bob suggest to still attract top candidates to CCC? (page 174-175)
Further Expectations
Most importantly – I am specifically looking to see if you can adopt and apply relevant concepts and key terminology in a manner that clearly demonstrates your understanding of course materials.
To earn all points on this assignment, your submission will need to:
be at least 750 words (excludes copy/paste of questions)
utilize MANY course concepts and key terminology correctly
directly and clearly answer all specific questions asked
utilize a clean and professional format (use of appropriate paragraphs and/or use of numbers aligned with questions asked)
be well-written with no typos or grammatical errors
and be of an overall high quality – similar to what you would actually produce for a work assignment for your own boss or manager.

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