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This essay is based on the Emma Goldman biography by John Chalberg. Students are

This essay is based on the Emma Goldman biography by John Chalberg. Students are to create their own thesis (or “prompt”). You should, of course, be discussing the life and times of the subject, Emma Goldman, but I am also interested in how Goldman’s life and actions as an activist are relevant to your own life in the present day. Please look up “thesis statement
” for a sense of how this should be done. Students should present their essays in standard academic essay formatting
using the MLA style (Links to an external site.). The essay should be at least 4-5 pages in length. Please include in-text reference citations just as you have done in your discussion board responses, e.g., (Goldman, chapter 1, paragraph 4), (Chalberg, 34), (Corbett, 103), (Zinn, chapter 12), (BOA 12, 4 mins). etc. Please cite the following sources:
I will grade your essays within 72 hours following the final due date. Your grade will include a rubric score (see Essay Grading Rubric below) and comments. You can go to the grade book to see my comments.
Secondary Source Readings
Goldman, Emma – Living My Life. This is your main source for this assignment. The autobiography of Emma Goldman is available online (Links to an external site.) as well as a Word formatting of Living My Life. Please read the first ten chapters in preparation for your term essay.
Chalberg, Emma Goldman (optional- available in bookstore) – The Chalberg text traces the life and times of Emma Goldman. You should choose some aspect(s) of Goldman’s life (for example: her early family life; her political philosophy; her romantic relationships; her actions with respect to her attempt to bring about progressive social transformation) and develop a thesis that will allow you do cogently analyze Goldman’s significance as a historical figure in U.S. history.
Corbett, US History (Links to an external site.). This is the main course text. You should reference Corbett for context. For example, if you refer to Goldman’s activities during the Homestead Strike, you would cite from Corbett when discussing the strike.
Zinn, A People’s History of the United States Zinn is an excellent interpretive source. His People’s History is a secondary text for our course. You may find valuable insights in professor Zinn’s analysis of Emma Goldman’s importance as a key historical figure in American history. Emma Goldman is references in each of the following chapters. You may choose to cite from some or all of these chapters depending on your thesis:
The Empire and the Peopleinks to an external site.)
The Socialist Challenge(Links to an external site.)
War Is the Health of the State
Primary Source Readings
The Emma Goldman Papers (Links to an external site.)This site includes many primary source documents, including the writings of Emma Goldman that you may find useful as source material.
(Links to an external site.)A Biography of AmericaLinks to an external site.This is the video series that we have been using all along in our respective modules and or discussion boards. The following episodes are great for historical context depending on your thesis. You may, for example, want to cite from the episode on “Capital and Labor” if you are discussing Emma Goldman and the Homestead Steel Strike.
Capital and Labor
TR and Wilsoninks to an external site.)
A Vital Progressivism
This is a brief interview of professor Zinn drawn from a larger production based on his book, A People’s History of the United States.

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