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This exam is structured in two Parts. Part I is short answer and Part II is essa

This exam is structured in two Parts. Part I is short answer and Part II is essay. Please answer the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Hint: Do not wait to the last minute to tackle this assignment. It will be too overwhelming if you do. This exam is due on June 13th at 8PM. Please upload it on Canvas. All work is to be done independently. It will be checked through Turnitin.com.
Part I: Short Answer. Please answer the following question in 2 pages. Feel free to write more if you find it necessary.
1. Briefly discuss how an education developed around creating critical thinkers can help diminish Racism and White Supremacy? According to lecture and your readings, how has the educational system operated in the United States? What does Tim Wise and the other films (films to be watched) say about the educational system? How can the problems uncovered be redressed to make critical/analytical thinkers in this society and world? Could this change the direction that we are headed? Why or why not? What does Bonilla-Silva argue in Ch. 8, Are blacks color blind, too? You can use Reading 28 “Desegregation without Integration” to elaborate on your response as well.
Part II: Essay. Please Answer the following question in 4 pages. Please feel free to write more if necessary.
One of the things I said was that everything is connected and each institution impacts the other. Dr. Hill uncovers some things that have been veiled by the ideals held in Democracy that definitely contradicts the evidence found about Criminal Justice System. Briefly describe what Noam Chomsky says about Economic Inequality and how this impacts Democracy? How does this impact the Criminal Justice System (CJS), but more specifically and how did it contribute to The War On Drugs. Use the lectures to answer this question and Chapter 7: Crime, Law, and Deviance. Draw connections between the educational system, legal system, economic system, and political system and how it relates to the Criminal Justice System. Now, I would like you to use Reading 33 “Incarceration, Inequality, and Imagining Alternatives”. I would like you to explain how the documentary, 13th, helped you understand how the economic system, the educational system and the criminal justice system operate together. What is the Prison Industrial Complex and how is it linked to the economic system and economic inequality? What does all this have to do with Power? Use Coates, Chapter 8, Power, Politics, and Identities and briefly talk about the Power Elite Model, The Class Model and the Critical Race Theory Model to explain power dynamics and how this relates to the inequality in the Criminal Justice System and society at large. Finally discuss what can be done according to Bonilla-Silva in his concluding chapter Ch. 11: What is to be done? Talking with you about how to fight color-blind racism in America. Why is it necessary according to DiAngelo for white people to be engaged and involved in bringing about social justice in the form of racial justice, economic justice, political justice, criminal justice, and education justice? Please use any films that are appropriate. ** I would like you to organize the essay as follows:
Organization of Essay: Put each one of these as headers for your essay. Remember all work to be done independently. Your essay will be checked through Turnitin.com which will detect Plagarism and result in you failing the course. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS CHANCE. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. If you do not have time just take an incomplete for the class.
Noam Chomsky: Economic Inequality
The War On Drugs:
Reading 33:
Documentary 13th and Prison Industrial Complex:
Power Elite Model, The Class Model and the Critical Race Theory Model:
Bonilla-Silva and DiAngelo

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