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This formal paper involves summarizing the development of one medium, and then d

This formal paper involves summarizing the development of one medium, and then discussing the current state of this medium today.
The paper should include a summary (at least two pages) of how one medium developed over time. This summary can be based on class lectures, the textbook, and additional research. This portion of the paper, essentially, demonstrates your familiarity with the course material both as discussed in class and explained in the textbook. However, it is not enough to simply summarize the lectures or restate the information provided in class notes. You must also expand on this with your own individual research, which should be cited in the paper.
After the history of a medium has been summarized, you will go on in the paper to discuss the current problems and opportunities facing that medium today. This portion of the paper will require outside research, beyond what is addressed in the class and textbook.
Ultimately, the paper will address the following question: How has one medium changed over time, and what is the current state of that medium today? There are many was to address this question, and you should base your answer on additional research.
You can pick any mass medium to address (e.g. books, television, radio, etc.).
Content Criteria
Your paper should be organized as a formal research paper and include the following sections
1. Introduction (1/2 – 1 page)
2. History/Development of the Medium (2 pages minimum) This will include a summary of development of the medium that is the topic of your paper. This is based on class notes, the textbook, and outside research.
3. The current state of this medium (2 pages minimum) This section will explain the current state of the medium. For instance, it might address several questions. How popular/frequently used is the medium today? What purpose does the medium serve in the modern world? How has the medium changed in recent times? What challenges face the medium, and associated industries? What opportunities exist for the medium to grow into the future?
4. Conclusion (1/2 page)
In-text citations should be used whenever information obtained from a source is cited. These should be formatted according to APA style. A reference page should also be included. The text of the paper should be in 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial font. You should have 1 inch margins (no more). You should double-space the paper (no more than double space), and should not include extra spacing between paragraphs. A reference page formatted according to APA style should be included.
While the textbook will be an important source for this paper, you will need to conduct additional research to address the central question of this paper. Accordingly, a minimum of 3 additional sources must be cited, both within the text of the paper and on a reference sheet (follow APA format for in-text citations and the reference page). All sources should be appropriate for an academic setting and be reliable.
This paper should be 5-7 double spaced pages. Longer papers are acceptable if the length is justified by the content.

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