This individual assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to int

This individual assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to int

This individual assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to interview an individual involved in the sports industry (e.g., athlete, coach, sports administrator) and analyze their perspectives and experiences related to gender in sports. Through this process, you will critically examine and reflect upon the challenges, opportunities, and evolving dynamics associated with gender in the realm of sports.
You will conduct a brief interview (~30 minutes) using a set of structured questions that you develop with gender and sport at the forefront. Your interview questions should be submitted along with your paper. After conducting the interview, write a reaction paper (at least 1,500 words) in response to the experience. You should respond to the following questions and organize your response into two parts:
Part One – Summarize your interview with connections back to the course content. Please note that you should have at least 2-3 in-text citations (e.g., course lectures, course readings, etc.…) in this section to support the course connections that you are making. There is quite a bit of freedom in this section, the main focus is clear connections back to course content. Below I have provided a list of potential questions that you might answer for this part of the reflection:
1. Who is the person? What is their role within sports? Provide a brief interviewee bio.
2. What role did sport play in teaching them about gender norms and expectations?
3. What are some personal experiences that the interviewee discussed concerning gender in sports?
4. Did they encounter any specific challenges or opportunities due to their gender identity in the realm of sports?
5. Have they observed or experienced gender biases or stereotypes in sports, either towards themselves or others?
A. How did these experiences impact participation and opportunities in sports?
6. Were there any influential role models who reinforced or challenged gender norms in sports for them?
7. Have they noticed any shifts or changes in how gender is perceived and managed in sports over the years?
A. What are those changes?
Part Two
1. Describe the overall interview experience from your perspective. What was it like to be the interviewer?
2. What did you do well in the interview?
3. What questions seemed to provide useful information? What did not?
4. How did the athlete/exerciser appear to experience/react to you and your interview?
5. What constructive feedback would you give yourself? If you were to conduct the interview again, what would you change?
6. What did you learn from conducting this interview?
IMPORTANT: Please use the attached descriiption of the person I am interviewing (Mac Follmer) along with the questions asked!
IMPORTANT: To summarize the interview with connections back to the course content, use the powerpoint slides attached for the 2-3 in-text citations!
Thank you!!!

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