This project will take place in the form of a “campaign” competition. Each team

This project will take place in the form of a “campaign” competition. Each team

This project will take place in the form of a “campaign” competition. Each team will be a manufacturer in the commercial aviation industry. There are up to five competitors participating in this sales campaign.
Boeing with the new 737 MAX 200
The customer will requires fleet of 100 single aisle aircraft delivered over the course of 4 years. Your task is to put together the initial marketing plan, which when integrated with sales and other relevant functions can set the stage to win this $10.6 billion-dollarorder. Your marketing plan will be presented to your own management’sleadership team(i.e. ME)for review and approval. While acquisition cost is important most airlines analyze the long-term cost of operating the aircraft as part of their decision-makingprocess. Fuel efficiency, reliability, passenger comfort, maintenance costs as well as the aircrafts residual value when an airline sells off the aircraft are all evaluated. Most of the interaction with the airline will take place with your company’s sales force.They will need your help in making your company’s case to the customer. But customers turn to aviation mags / websites, blogs, third party analysts, consultants, the press and the banking/finance community for help in making their decision. So,the complete marketing toolbox should be considered as you put together your plan. The stakes are high. The competition will be incredibly fierce,and you will have only one shot at this airline for the next 10 years. No pressure? Lots of pressure in this real world, winner takes all, game of high stakes B2B marketing and sales. The evaluation will be based on:•your understanding of the market, •your competitors and their possible selling proposition •your strategies on products, price and service. •your presentation .. both content and style
need 25 slides with saperate explination on words each slide to presant the presantation

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