Throughout this course, you will utilize the Kauffman FastTrac ProgramLinks to a

Throughout this course, you will utilize the Kauffman FastTrac ProgramLinks to a

Throughout this course, you will utilize the Kauffman FastTrac ProgramLinks to an external site. to create a full business plan for a fictitious business you are interested in.
As you navigate through the Kaufman FastTrac system, please ensure you′re reading through all of this information, it will help you develop your assignments. You can use these as models for your referencing this program in your Assignments!
To get started, follow this link to create a FastTrac AccountLinks to an external site..
Once you are in the FastTrac Tool, you will land on a dashboard page. The page contains a Course Overview with 5 categories:
Inside each category are several modules listed on the left-hand side containing readings, videos, and workspace. Fully engage in the material and questions provided. The information you enter here can be copied and directly used in course assignments.
Please note your instructor cannot view your FastTrac information. You will need to copy and paste the material into a word document and submit it in course assignments.
CO2 – Discuss the importance of creating and maintaining a competitive advantage in a particular market.
CO3 – List the steps involved in the creation of a business plan.
You will need to complete the Business Model Canvas in Position module in FastTrac This model will help you further refine your business idea. Follow these steps to navigate to the correct area:
Navigating Kauffman FastTrac
Select Position category
Select Business Model Design from the left-hand menu
Select Business Model Canvas under Business Model Design in the left-hand menu
This is a tool to create your Business Model.
Complete each section of the Business Model using the Business Model Canvas, but keep your responses to one paragraph at most.
You’ll continue through the various categories of the Business Model Canvas by clicking the “NEXT” button at the bottom of the screen and filling out each category of the Business Model in the space provided; please ensure you select SAVE in the bottom right corner to save your work.
The categories include 1 through 8; Value Proposition, Target Customers, Customer Relationships, Distribution Channels, Revenue Streams, Key Activities, Assets, Key Partners, and Cost Structure.
Be sure to SAVE the information in each category for your finished Business Plan but also copy and paste it to a Word document to you can submit it to Canvas for grading; remember your instructor cannot access your work in FastTrac!
Note; you may also access this Business Model Canvas back at your FastTrac homepage under WORKSPACE OVERVIEW, where you see Business Model Canvas.
A Word Document containing your Kauffman FastTrac Business Model Canvas.

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