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Title: “Navigating Disruptive Technologies: Strategies for Sustainable Innovatio

Title: “Navigating Disruptive Technologies: Strategies for Sustainable Innovatio

Title: “Navigating Disruptive Technologies: Strategies for Sustainable Innovation in the Digital Age”
The Problem Under Investigation:
The problem at the heart of this research paper is the pervasive impact of disruptive technologies on businesses and industries worldwide. Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and automation have brought about unprecedented changes, creating both opportunities and challenges for organizations. The problem is multifaceted:
a. Adaptation Challenge: Many organizations need help to adapt to these technological disruptions effectively. They may need more strategies and capabilities to harness these changes for sustainable innovation.
b. Risk Management: The pace of technological change introduces significant risks, including the potential for market obsolescence and security vulnerabilities. Organizations need to understand how to mitigate these risks.
c. Competitive Landscape: Firms face intensified competition from traditional industry rivals and new entrants enabled by disruptive technologies. This intensification demands a strategic response.
The Importance of the Study:
This study is of paramount importance in today’s business landscape. As technology reshapes industries and markets, organizations must navigate these changes strategically to remain competitive and relevant. Understanding how to harness disruptive technologies for sustainable innovation can mean the difference between thriving and becoming obsolete. Moreover, the study addresses broader societal implications, including workforce adaptation and ethical considerations in technology deployment.
The primary purpose of this research is twofold:
a. To Provide Strategic Guidance: The study aims to provide organizations with strategic guidance on effectively managing disruptive technologies and leveraging them for sustainable innovation. It will offer actionable insights and frameworks to address the challenges posed by technological disruptions.
b. To Contribute to Knowledge: Additionally, this research seeks to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation. It will synthesize existing research, incorporate case studies, and propose new approaches for managing technology-driven change.
Main Participants in Your Study:
The study will involve a diverse set of participants, including:
Organizations Across Industries, Industry Experts, Technology Providers, Government and Regulatory .

In conclusion, the research paper titled “Navigating Disruptive Technologies: Strategies for Sustainable Innovation in the Digital Age” will delve into the critical issue of managing technology and innovation strategically in a rapidly changing landscape. Its significance lies in offering practical guidance to organizations facing the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive technologies, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this crucial field

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