To express how well you are retaining and analyzing the information and ideas th

To express how well you are retaining and analyzing the information and ideas th

To express how well you are retaining and analyzing the information and ideas that are presented in the assigned readings and class lectures, you will be completing an Analytical Essay. Your Analytical Essay will be 4-6 full pages in length, typed, double-spaced, and saved and uploaded in a Microsoft Word format. To garner the highest possible score on this Analytical Essay, you must draft a clear thesis statement in the introduction of your Analytical Essay, and you must substantiate that thesis by referencing and analyzing specific information and ideas that are covered in the class readings, lectures, and/or media presentations. In other words, it will not be enough to simply type, “I think that….” You will have to denote specific details from the lessons and explicitly cite the book pages/sections, speeches, documentaries, and/or other sources you will be using to argue why your thesis is correct. You will need to cite your sources in compliance with the Kate Turabian/Chicago Manual style of citation. (See pages 11-12 of the syllabus.) You must cite at least 4 in-class sources (at least 2 of which must be firsthand account primary sources). In addition to the class textbook, in-class sources include secondary sources like the PowerPoint lectures and documentaries as well as the firsthand account primary sources that I place in the Canvas classroom. You may only use sources from outside of Canvas to contradict or to significantly add to the information presented in the in-class sources. And, such outside sources must be used in addition to (and not replacing) the required in-class sources. (See syllabus pages 9-14 for the General Tips for Writing College-Level Essays and the Analytical Essay Evaluation Rubric that I use when grading your written responses.)

Draft a 4-6 paged (typed, double-spaced, and saved in a Microsoft Word format) Analytical Essay response to the following prompt:
The above photograph captures an image of Booker T. Washington giving a speech on race relations and the importance of improving educational opportunities in securing the economic advancement of black Americans and the South as a whole. Nearly 2,000 black Americans paid a 50-cent admission fee to hear Booker T. Washington speak in Lakeland, Florida that day–March 5, 1912. Booker T. Washington’s speaking engagements in the States and internationally often drew large crowds. Unquestionably, Booker T. Washington was, by far, the most celebrated black leader among black Americans at the dawn of 20th century. However, he did have his critics within black America. Consider the conditions black Americans were facing from the 1890s through 1920. Then, analyze Booker T. Washington’s approach to racial uplift among black Americans. Viewing his approach in the context of the circumstances black Americans were facing during the Nadir, what were the merits and drawbacks of Booker T. Washington’s approach?

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